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Cemetery Search Screen
This page will enable you to locate your relative in our State cemetery database. Please note that the majority of the cemeteries have been transcribed from tombstone data. It is possible that your relative is buried in Wisconsin but does not have a tombstone. Therefore, they would not be in our database.
If the Notes column has "OBIT" some data was obtained from the obituary.


Enter Person's Last Name . Entering the First Name is optional. The First Name can be a partial First Name, like jo for John, This would find "Jon" and "John".  The surname can be entered with an Exact Match, i.e. Smith returns only Smith. Sounds Like  Smith returns Smyth, Smithe, etc. Starts With  Sm returns Smith, Smothers, Small etc. Contains mo returns Moore, Smoth, Gladmore.

Select the specific cemetery or All Cemeteries
NOTE* Select a cemetery without any other input for a complete cemetery listing.

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